6 tips to master the ergonomics of your office furniture

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A great quality office used furniture not only needs to look good but also be well designed ergonomically, to keep you healthy at work. Poor quality furniture and office used chairs contribute to back and neck pain, which is the cause of over 83 million lost work days every year in the US.

To keep your workforce safe, happy, and productive, you also need to learn why ergonomics are important when selecting and arranging your office furniture.

  1. Get desks that can be adjusted – desks come in many shapes and sizes. Choose ones that are suitable for space and the needs of employees. A desk that can be adjusted in height, or even converted to a standing desk can accommodate the different health needs of employees.
  2. Space desks and cubicles out so that your team can move around easily without feeling cramped or bumping into things.
  3. Create an office with both open plan and cubicle-based design. Each has its own benefits for working and ensuring people can do their jobs properly in a well-designed space.
  4. Buy good quality, adjustable office chairs. Not only do your chairs need to be cushioned and supportive, but should be fully adjustable in order to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes.
  5. The overall environment also plays a huge role. Think about light sources, air quality, and temperature when designing your office space.
  6. Choose good quality office used furniture to make your budget go further without compromising on quality.

6 tips to master the ergonomics of your office furniture

At OUF, we stock some of the most high-quality, ergonomically designed office used chairs available. But how can you ensure that you’re choosing the right office furniture for your needs and set it up to ensure you can work in comfort.

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