The Many Advantages of Pre-Owned Office Furniture


The prospect of buying pre-owned office furniture typically invokes one major advantage: price. Affordability is certainly a big draw over new, and brand name products at a steep discount that is hard to pass up. But it’s actually not the only factor to consider. Let’s break down all the advantages of buying pre-owned office furniture.

Less Environmental Impact

Buying a pre-owned file cabinet, desk, conference table, or other big items that use a lot of material means saving it from ending up in a landfill. While it’s true that some old office furniture can be scrapped for parts, that process in itself can end up adding more pollution due to the type of labor involved. Plastic, in particular, can release harmful toxins when melted down. Buying used office furniture will prevent it from being recycled, which can actually have a significant negative effect on the environment.

Boosts Local Economy

When you buy pre-owned items from places like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, you’re supporting people in your area. Major corporations aren’t necessarily clamoring for business, but helping out small business owners and entrepreneurs can help your local economy in a significant way. Online retailers like Wayfair and Amazon aren’t the ones who are struggling right now. They don’t have a storefront in Farmingdale or Queens. Buying pre-owned furniture locally means supporting your community.


What You See Is What You Get

Pre Owned Office Furnitures New York

Buying from a large manufacturer of office furniture is not a guarantee that you’re getting the product you want. The images on their website tend to be stock photos, shipping from overseas can take a long time, and you’re often expected to put the furniture together yourself once it arrives. With a pre-owned product, you can see exactly what you’re getting, and buying locally means it can be picked up right away.

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