Top 5 Pre-owned office furniture trends of 2021


Used Standing Desk

These days, office design and interiors are known to play a huge part in productivity and efficiency levels. Here, we look at the top five pre-owned furniture trends of 2021.


Sustainability is a big deal these days, and rightly so. By buying pre-owned office furniture, you are already buying into this trend – what better way of helping the environment than stopping something with plenty of life left in it from potentially going to landfill?

Dynamic and flexibility

Having a dynamic and flexible working environment means that workers can make the most of the space available and use it in a way that works for them. Pre-owned executive style office cubes can help you to create zones in your office and to add privacy when needed.


Moveable furniture

Used Standing Desk

Following on from the previous point, moveable furniture is big news as it allows employees to move around, accommodate and create spaces where they feel most comfortable and most productive. Give us a call to see if we have any moveable furniture currently in stock.

Comfort and ergonomic

Now, more than ever, the comfort and wellness of employees is a priority, and the great range of used ergonomically designed desk chairs that we have available will ensure that everyone in your office is sitting and working in comfort.

Community spaces

Collaborative working is a huge focus at the moment, and to do this you need plenty of community workspace, such as one of our used conference tables. See how well your employees can bounce ideas off one another.

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