Understanding the basics of office space planning for a better workspace set up


Proper office space planning is very important when it comes to making sure that your workspace is not only as efficient as possible, but is also visually appealing, and allows you and your team to excel.

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In the meantime, here are a few tips for effective office space planning.

Balance private niches with open collaborative areas

All office workers need to strike the right balance between focused work, done in the absence of distractions, and collaborative planning and problem-solving, done in groups.

According to the writer Cal Newport, the ideal balance might be to include open collaborative areas alongside optional, private niches, so your employees can move between locations as required.


Emphasise open spaces and good lighting

Employee morale is always bound to be low in a workspace that feels cluttered and claustrophobic. Try to arrange things so that there are as many open spaces as possible in your office, and ensure good lighting – ideally natural lighting.

Utilise furniture that aids comfort

Employee well-being and productivity are likely to be higher when your employees feel physically comfortable, and are able to immerse themselves in their work without contending with things like back pain.

Consider motivational decorations

Motivational quotes and stencils & upbeat posters and photographs may boost the atmosphere of your workspace, and help to foster a more positive office culture as a result.

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