How To Create an Office Space Design That Focuses on Health & Wellness

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Sick building syndrome is becoming increasingly prevalent, especially among younger professionals. At the same time, the accessibility of hybrid work solutions is driving workers away from the office. So, it is paramount for office managers to invest in creating a workplace that promotes physical heal, safeguards mental wellbeing, and encourages productivity. Each office space is unique – but here are some tips to get started.

Create a Luminous Space That Benefits From Plenty of Natural Light

Poorly lit workstations and intense artificial lights can have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of your employees. A lack of natural light can have endless consequences, including increased tiredness, more frequent headaches, and affected productivity levels. Opt to open the windows, place mirrors strategically, and swap heavy drapes for lighter curtains to create a luminous office space.

Allow for a Variety of Workstations and Dedicated Areas

Designing office areas and workstations is an important aspect of any office space planning project. However, the era of a single, static desk is gone. Today, professionals are looking for a more dynamic office space where they can move freely, find rest, collaborate with others, and focus on a project.

high-quality pre-owned office furniture

Opt For A Minimalist Style and Decorate With Natural Elements

Studies have confirmed that clutter and disorder can have a negative effect on our cognitive power. When working in a cluttered room, your brain will need to work twice as hard to filter out the distractions and focus on what’s important.

That is why minimalist decor can help you improve your team’s productivity while bringing to life a stylish office space. Invest in high-quality pre-owned office furniture to create continuity, and decorate with natural elements.

Partner With the Expert Designers at Office Used Furniture

Each office space is unique, and finding the right design to look after the health and wellness of your employees is paramount. Get in touch with the furniture experts at Office Used Furniture to better understand the potential of your office.

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