Top 5 new-age office trends that emerged during the pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic hit businesses hard, with 22% of SMEs forced to close in the United States during the pandemic, and many never recovered. Since the global pandemic, businesses have been forced to rethink the way they are run, and what they should be focusing on, which has led to these 5 new office trends.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is a big one, and allowing employees to work from home sometimes has become hugely popular. In the workplace, kitting out the office with ergonomic furniture and cubicles that help provide COVID solutions is essential.

2. Minimalism

Buy Pre Owned Office Desks – Minimalism is viewed as a Millennial trend, but there is a growing trend toward this in the business world too. Tools like Slack and Google Docs allow for better efficiency and organization, and a decluttering of the digital workspace. Whilst companies are consulting architects for ways of being able to more minimalist with office design

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3. More Space

Space has always been hugely important in the office, and a movement toward creating more space has definitely made office space planning essential. Getting rid of clutter and filling your space with only essentials, such as good quality used office furniture plays an important role.

4. Health & Wellness

Health & well-being in the workplace have never mattered more, and this is why it is important to make the office a healthy environment. People should have space, light, privacy, and comfort when they go into the office, and these are things that used office furniture can help with.

5. Cost Saving

There is a big movement toward saving money as a business, and this is appearing in the office environment too. More than 30% of companies are utilizing contingent workers to save money. Furthermore, Buy Pre Owned Office Desks furniture is a great way of providing a safe and productive environment without spending too much.

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