Return of Single & Tall Glass Cubicles & Portable Panels for Creating a Safer Workspace


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Create a socially distanced, safer workspace with glass cubicles & portable panels

Before March of last year, few of us had ever experienced social distancing, shelter in place orders, or wearing facemasks in public. However, Coronavirus changed all that, and many other things besides including best practices for safety at work. Keep reading to find out more.

Coronavirus, and the New York City, New Jersey & Connecticut Tri-State area

The impact of the pandemic has been massive and lasting all over the world. With the deaths of over 80,000 residents of the New York City, New Jersey & Connecticut tri-state area alone. Indeed, things are slowly getting back to something that resembles normal, yet measures including regularly sanitizing our hands, wearing facemasks, and social distancing are set to remain a part of the landscape for some time to come.

Also, the effect that this is having on many businesses in the New York City, New Jersey & Connecticut area is that their old, open-plan office layouts are no longer practical. Indeed, a room full of people with no separation or dividers in place is just about one of the worst things you can do to fight the spread of the virus. Not to mention the psychological and emotional impact it can have on the millions of workers, already nervous to return to work.

The benefits of glass cubicles & portable panels

The good news is there are some actions you can take to create a more physically and emotionally safe space for your employees to return to. Something that will be particularly beneficial if they have been used (as many have) to work from the safety of their own homes. Of course, the solution here is to use single & tall glass cubicles & portable panels to create a socially distanced workspace.

Indeed, by using Transparent glass dividers your employees can still effectively communicate while remaining at a safe distance at the same time.

Used Commercial Office Furniture

The great thing is that glass dividers can also be hygienically cleaned very easily, just spray with a sanitizer and wipe and the virus along with any other nasty bacteria will be eliminated. Many businesses are investing in high-strength sanitizing wipes for this purpose.

Of course, this is vitally important concerning covid because it is a virus that is transmitted from person to person when coughing, breathing, talking, and sneezing releases infectious particles into the air.

Happily, glass dividers prevent these particles from being able to travel across large distances, so protecting your employees while they work, Something that means they can get on with what they do best, without having to worry about Coronavirus.


How we can help

Fortunately, if it’s office divers that you are looking for, the experts at have a variety of single & tall glass cubicles & portable panels ideal for supporting safe social distancing practices.

Indeed our stock is being updated all the time so no matter what your needs, or how big or small your office or place of work, feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives, today!

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