How to save money with pre-owned office infrastructure


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Tight budget or not, when it comes to office infrastructure, there are countless ways in which companies can save money. First, of course, by investing in pre-owned office furniture, you’re already en route to cost savings, but it doesn’t end there.

Use Pre-owned Office Furniture Products

Anything refurbished brings cost savings as there is no manufacturing expense associated with salvaged, quality, used furniture items. So by choosing to go down the road of pre-owned office furniture, you’ve already saved money compared to buying new.

Pre-owned furniture can be tailored to your needs and wants in terms of color or style and will not detract from your office’s overall look, feel, and function. Spending wisely on your office furniture items saves money for other important factors you should consider when setting up an office infrastructure, such as investing in a plan rather than hoping for the best.

According to BHF, 30% of people throw furniture away in a good enough condition to be reused. But, astoundingly, almost half of all people living in London, the UK alone, 45%, have discarded quality items to buy new. There are many quality pre-owned office furniture products just waiting to be snapped up, typically at between 30-70% the price of new. So it’s the first stop for saving money.

Used Office Furniture Dealer

Plan Your Office Space

Current statistics from NAIC show office space per square foot has more than doubled in the U.S. since 2000, so you need to make your space count save money. Consider investing in an office space planning expert to:

1. Maximize the space available, making the most of your paid-for space
2. Ensure effective functionality between departments and individuals
3. Increase staff productivity by making the space work well
4. Boost staff morale in pleasant and easily navigable surroundings
5. Encourage a smooth flow within the working environment for staff and visitors
6. Inspire and champion communication and collaborative working

By ensuring that the above is taken into consideration, having an office space planning expert from the start will ultimately save you money in the longer term, if not make you money!


One Supplier Fits All

By utilizing one supplier, from initial scope and detailed office planning to purchase the pre-owned office furniture and final installation, you will have fewer people and companies to deal with, which by and large saves time and effort. But, of course, time and effort cost money from a business perspective, so that alone is a cost-saving exercise.

Other benefits of instructing one business to assist in setting up your office include, but are not limited to; no risk of miscommunication between parties as it’s all dealt with by one company. Rest assured that your plan will come to fruition, given that the person who created your office vision will also source used furniture customized to fit with your brand’s image.

End-to-end packages offer savings and discounts compared to instructing several companies for smaller jobs each. The very same company will deliver and install your entire office infrastructure. Should anything happen during transit, there’s no chance of passing the buck between third parties meaning less risk for you in your investment.

Your custom in all areas of the supplier’s services will likely be rewarded with an attractive package cost, which can save a fortune in a project like this. Companies such as Office Used Furniture offer services that incorporate each step of the way, from initial concept to expert planning, sourcing, customizing, delivery and installation.

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