Why good office designs are important to resume office work-space again

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If businesses are going to successfully encourage workers back to the office since Covid-19, then they need to reimagine their workspaces. It is no longer acceptable to shove in as many people as possible without care and consideration for airborne diseases. Covid-19 is changing the world.

Social Distancing

Cleating total social distancing may be difficult to obtain in the office space. However, there are other ways this can be achieved. Protective panels between desks will provide a barrier between people which will be an essential aspect of the modern office. Also, more space between desks will be essential, as will directional walkways.

Organizational Priorities

The new office design may need to be rethought entirely, with organizational priorities catered into the design. Desks can’t be placed haphazardly. Everything will need to be purposeful to minimize the chance of airborne diseases spreading. Businesses may need to create workspaces that are specially designed for anything that cannot be done remotely. Collaborative work will still need to be achieved, but it cannot be conducted as it was before.

New Yorks best office furniture provider


Offices are going to have to give special consideration to the airflow. Maximizing airflow is essential to minimizing the instances of high viral loads in the air. They will need to work out how the air flows within the building to ensure that it is sucked in and blown out at key places which avoid people. Fortunately, technology may be helping in this aspect as air purifiers and air circulating appliances will be employed to ensure the movement of air no matter the conditions outside.

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