Why protective panels should be a part of your safe & healthy work environment

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Protective Panels are an essential part of your PPE (personal protective equipment). Without PPE, we are not physically protected, which means we run the risk of becoming ill or injured, and this can cause us, and the company we work for, many issues. Not only does PPE protect us, but it also protects others. Therefore it is a social requirement. It is essential that you understand the importance of protective panels and why they need to be utilized whenever they are required.


Using protective panels correctly ensures that the company and the person performing the work are protected from any potential injury that may happen to walkers, for example. It is a kind of insurance against being sued.

Long-term Health Conditions

If protective panels are needed to protect you from the conditions of the working environment, and you do not use them, you may develop various health conditions over time. The protective equipment is there for a reason, and in certain cases, panels are just as necessary as breathing gear or eye goggles.

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Protects from Airborne disease

In the light of Covid-19 new measures have to be set up, and see-through protective panels between desks are a great measure to prevent the spread of airborne diseases. When installed in an office environment, protective panels provide excellent protection from other office users. Coughs and sneezes do not penetrate the plastic.

Increases Workplace Satisfaction

Having adequate protection is essential to keeping your workforce happy and healthy. Without protection, workers are left vulnerable to a range of problems, and this can decrease employee satisfaction.

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